South Newman Primary School is a SunSmart School. We aim to protect our students, staff and visitors from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can lead to skin cancer later in life.

This means:

  • We are SunSmart whenever the UV Index is 3 or above. This includes for camps, excursions, sporting events and outdoor lessons.
  • We know that UV is not the same as heat and we can get sunburnt on cool days when the UV is above 3.
  • Sun protective clothing is part of our uniform.
  • We encourage use of SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum water resistant sunscreen.
  • Everyone wears a broad brimmed hat when outside. We know caps are not adequatley protective.
  • If we don’t have a hat, we can borrow one or play in the shade.
  • Staff and visitors are requested to role-model good sun protection by wearing a hat.
  • We provide shade for play, outdoor lessons and events.
  • We learn about skin cancer prevention.
  • When we can, we schedule outdoor activities when the UV is lower.