Information and Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

At South Newman Primary School, we acknowledge our responsibility to equip our students to be productive members of our modern society. We recognise that our students are growing up as ‘digital natives’ and our goal is to provide them with the skills to be not just users of technology, but innovators and creators. To this end, our students have access to a wide range of technology. We embed the use of technology across all learning areas.

The school has a computer lab with desktop PCs and we have trolleys of laptops to be used within classrooms. Every class in our school has a set of iPads.  The school has a wide range of coding robots and circuitry equipment, suitable for use all the way from Kindy up to Year 6. All of our classrooms are equipped with an Interactive Panel for instructional purposes, allowing teachers to demonstrate and embed technology use in day-to-day teaching. 

Our school has supported our staff in learning more about Digital Technologies through professional development opportunities and the employment of a Digital Technologies Coordinator, who provides ongoing support to teachers in this curriculum area. This allows us to keep up with advancements in the rapidly growing area of Digital Technologies education, which in turn allows us to meet our students’ needs and challenge them moving forward.