School Business Plan

School Plans and Reports

Please click on the link to view our 2020 Public School Review Report


Annual Reports

Each year Independent Public Schools (IPS) in Western Australia are required to publish an Annual Report that describes the school’s performance from the previous year such as school initiatives, school curriculum and data performance and reporting on legislative and designated policy requirements.

This is a time we are given to reflect on our achievements and every year we are proud to invite our parents and community to view them.


Click on the link below to download our school’s most recent Annual Report:

School Business Plan


It is a requirement of Independent Public Schools (IPS) in Western Australia to write a school Business Plan that clearly defines the strategic direction of the school. At South Newman Primary School we have three priorities in our Business Plan which are Attendance, Literacy and Numeracy. These priorities will be rigorously worked towards and continually monitored throughout the five-year life of the Business Plan.

Click on the link below to view our 2021-2025 Business Plan.

Over the next five years we will continue to meet the needs of our business plan and look forward to inviting you, our parents, to be apart of the Review Process. Everything we do at our school is to better the current and future education of your children.