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2015-16 Budget at a Glance

Securing Our Economic Future

  • $1.3 billion of new revenue and savings measures that build on previous reforms, including:
    • a revised land tax scale from 2015-16, to bring Western Australia more in line with other States
    • reforms to social concessions, to ensure assistance is targeted to those most in need
    • savings from Agency Expenditure Reviews, to ensure that programs are being delivered efficiently and effectively
    • removal of the $3,000 First Home Owner Grant for established homes, in line with other States
  • $499 million in additional Commonwealth funding for key road projects, in recognition of the unfair GST distribution
  • Significant expansion of asset sales program to manage debt
  • Additional support for tourism, including $20 million for events and $11 million for marketing

Efficient Delivery of Quality Services

  • $8.1 billion for the delivery of health services in 2015-16, with a $243 million (4.6%) increase in spending on public hospital services
  • $4.8 billion for the delivery of education services in 2015-16, up $294 million (6.5%) on 2014-15
    • spending per student up $600
    • ongoing implementation of significant reform in education sector
  • $1.4 billion on police services in 2015-16, up $53 million (4.1%) on 2014 15
    • on track for additional 550 officers by end of 2016-17
  • Strong focus on mental health initiatives, including $26 million for new suicide prevention strategy, and $28 million for new subacute services in Karratha and Bunbury

Supporting and Protecting Our Community

  • Introduction of no-fault catastrophic injury Compulsory Third Party insurance scheme from 1 July 2016 to provide lifetime care and support for people catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle accident
  • New $560 million Social Housing Investment Package delivering 1,000 additional social housing dwellings and halving the number of seniors and families with children on the priority waitlist
  • Additional $172 million over four years for child protection services
  • Spending on disability services up $98 million (11.3%) in 2015-16
  • Additional $35 million over two years for the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness
  • $7 million over two years for State-wide coordinated CCTV strategy

Investing in Infrastructure to Support Our Growing State

  • $24.1 billion infrastructure program over next four years, including $6.3 billion in 2015-16, will support jobs and growth across the State
  • New infrastructure investment in this Budget includes:
    • an additional $191 million over four years for new and expanded schools, bringing total investment to $1.2 billion
    • $140 million in 2015-16 for Western Power, primarily for wood pole and electrical conductor management programs, bringing total investment in the electricity network in 2015-16 to $1 billion
    • $53 million over four years for a new $120 million radio system for rail services
    • $28 million (as part of a $40 million overall package) to alleviate traffic congestion on metropolitan roads
    • $25 million to improve access to the new $57 million Aubin Grove Train Station 
    • $22 million over three years for New Women's Custodial Centre


Education budget infographic provided by the Department of Treasury which depicts the Department of Education budget 2015-16.